Château GASQUI: Secular Provencal Wine Estate




Château Gasqui, Provence setting

Welcome to Château Gasqui, a family wine estate nestled in the heart of green Provence a stone's throw from the city of Gonfaron. Bathed in a rich and very old culture, Château Gasqui is irreducible both by its size and its biodynamic agriculture. Pioneers in biodynamics and organic farming in the Provence region, Château Gasqui offers spectacular wines respecting the vine, soils and the vineyard ecosystem for more than 15 years.

Love of earth and living

In Gasqui the weather stops a little, the earth rests. The biodynamic design of agriculture is based on the need to design the agricultural domain as a living organization. It is therefore necessary to adapt the ways of acting to the conditions of the place and take into account the moment while respecting the cosmic rhythms. The use of specific prepares based on minerals and energized organic matter will serve as an impulse to the principles of life and allow a real rebirth of agricultural soils and restore the fertility of the earth.

New owners!

Change of owners, in 2022, Tanja and Klaus, two great lovers of Provence wines managed to realize the dream of a life: producing sublime wines with family at the heart of an independent, and particularly unique field. True enthusiasts, they invest in all fronts and embark on the renovation of the vineyard while taking great care to perpetuate the centuries -old traditions inherited from their predecessors.

Provence wines in their most beautiful expression

Much more than just a vineyard, Chateau Gasqui is a real concentrate of Provence and Var traditions. The bi-centuries, impressive cedars of the property, welcome you majestically and let you cross the 30 hectares of vineyards without sourcing. A particular emotion emerges by browsing the cellars and buildings of the place, of which the year of construction 1898, is still on the high beams.