Roche d'Enfer 2019

Gold medal

Organic vintage challenge 2024 - 94/100

Gold medal

Contest of independent winegrowers 2024

TASTED - Andreas Larsson

Château Gasqui - Hellish rock - 2019 Côtes de Provence
Red France - Very good

Dark purple color at
heart and on the outskirts. New oak and balsamic nose with notes of sweet fruit, candied plums and leather notes.
The mouth is ample and full -bodied, with another young and slight presence, layers of spicy black fruit and long persistence, an ambitious material, still needing a little time to round off but there is potential.

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Revue du Vin de France

Château Gasqui
Côtes de Provence Citius 2022
Lots of finesse for this wine with soft and deep flesh, melted into a zest atmosphere and citrus. The middle of the mouth is saline.

This white evokes harmony without heaviness, almost aerial in the final.

Price: 14 €

Revue du Vin de France (Digital)

January 2024

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Magazine Land of Wines - January 2024

Château Gasqui

Côtes des Provence - Citius 2022 - 14€

Pale yellow dress with silver reflections, a ciston and purple nose, slightly smoked, a gourmet mouth on citrus fruits (lemon zest) and yellow flesh fruits (nectarine). Structured, with salinity and tension, it is easy to open for any profile. This almost equal assembly of Rolle and Sémillon, raised on lie for 9 months in stainless steel tanks is the careful work of a pioneer family domain of the approach (biodynamics) In Provence, in Gonfaron, taken over in 2022 by Tanja and Klaus Heller. They succeeded in their first vintage with this Citius which offers a lot of pleasure. (...)

Magazine's favorite

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Independent winegrowers competition 2024

Gold medal

Did you know ? This competition has the distinction of welcoming non -professional jurors, but nevertheless trained, so that it is indeed the taste of the consumer who is expressed. This makes it the only wine competition judged by informed amateurs!
The tasting is oriented pleasure in taste buds and not academic waiting for the appellations.

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(Best sommelier in the world 2007)

Château Gasqui - Late -
2019 Côtes de Provence

White France - Very good

Shiny color, moderately deep. Rich, pure and intense nose with
fine strata, showing a little
new oak. A creamy presence from the lees with notes of ripe citrus, yellow fruits and flowers.

Dense mouth with a balance between extraction and tannins, with round acidity and ripe fruit strata, a viney example with a lot of fabric and length.

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They talk about us!

By coming to visit the vineyard, they discovered Château Gasqui ...

A time out of time at Château Gasqui. Anchored in biodynamics for 15 years, this Varois domain in Gonfaron being in a magnificent setting and offering high quality wines with always a lot of details and lengths in the mouth. Thanks to Amélie for coordinating this magnificent day. Thank you to Louis and Christophe for the estate for having welcomed us and explained with passion the conductive line of the estate, in particular on this desire to enhance and respect the soils and the vine ...


Our late rosé tasted by an influencer


We start the year as we finished with the Provencal nuggets, this time let's go to Gonfaron in the Var with this very nice rosé of the @chateaugasqui Château Gasqui that I had presented during a real preceding, I let you go to see it to find out more about the estate. Cuvée Tardius Rosé 2022 Wine from Pays des Maures, assembly 60% Syrah 30% Cinsault 10% Grenache, organic dynamic farming👃We are on bay notes like blackcurrant and raspberry with slight floral notes. We find in the second nose of pretty smoked notes💋 We are clearly on a rosé of gastronomy, with roundness, a beautiful structure, small tangy notes, a very beautiful length in the mouth with this persistent smoke. It has a very good childcare potential and you will find it at a price of € 16 on the site: Thank you @winerybyamelie, At @chateaugasqui and at @louislnhrt for making me discover this very nice domain

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Our late whiteness 19 tasted by an influencer

Welcome chai you

Château Gasqui is a jewel nestled in the heart of green Provence in Gonfaron in the Var. In biodynamics for 15 years, climate, terroir and know -how allow the development of exceptional wines in the 3 colors. An enriching day to become even more aware that Provence produces very great wines. 🍷Fresh and floral rosés cut for beautiful tables. Structured red and large guard complexes. Favorite for the Tardius white cuvée in assembly Sémillon Clairette Rolle with a beautiful farm. Complex and fresh, a very large gastronomy wine ...

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Château Gasqui A Winery in the Heart of the Var Region, has been producing biodynamic wines for over 15 years. The Winery was previously closed to the public, but the new odo porchased the estate in 2022 have decided to change that. Now, you finully have the opportunity to visit this unique state in gonfaron, meet its team, which is like a big, warm family, and taste its very special wines 🍷 ...

France in my glass

Back in the Var with a superb visit to Château Gasqui, an area of ​​30 hectares, located in the heart of Green Provence, more precisely in Gonfaron. The vineyard extends to the north of the buttresses of the Maures massif, at an altitude of 280m, and benefits from a privileged natural situation, on a clay-limestone valley classified as a protected European natural heritage "Natura 2000" (...) At Château Gasqui, we produce wine from which life sprang! Tanja and Klaus, who resumed the domain in 2022, have changed anything in this philosophy. Biodynamics, respect for the living, manual harvest, very precise vinifications, very long farming, a whole program ...


Elizabeth Gabay MV & Ben Bernheim

2012 Silica, Château Gasqui, Triassic plateau (Côtes de Provence). Grenache, Syrah, Tibouren. Dark copper. Caramel, nuts and a suspicion of Pot-Pourri in the nose. Sweet orange zest that continues to develop on the palate, evolving towards intensely fresh red fruits, a subtly figured alcohol. Long, piercing, vibrant acidity. Creamy costs and vanilla notes towards the end. While we thought he had given everything he had to give, he returned with a serious revenge and asked for it on the final.

(Rosés in the south of France - Zalabim - 2022)